how to identify Ray-Ban sunglasses with polarized and non-polarized?

A good quality pair of sunglasses should be able to 99% to 100%A-type and b-type filter UV rays. Sunglasses color should be uniform, images can not be deformed or have other defects.

Quality Sunglasses: to check that your sunglasses are compliant with standards, raise it up, some rectangular pattern-oriented, such as flooring, with a pair of eyes look. Around the lens slowly moved up and down, if rectangular lines remain straight, sunglasses on your behalf in accordance with standards. cheap ray ban sunglasses, Studies have shown that, when the snow skiing or water skiing at sea, compared to wearing cheap poor quality sunglasses never worn any glasses man, ray ban outlet, eyes receiving UV dose is the former and the latter three times!

100% or UV400 UV filters (100% of ultraviolet protection or UV400): good quality sunglasses should have the label, sometimes write the label to the UV absorption up to 400nm. That, under normal circumstances, these sunglasses are able to provide you with complete UV protection.

Polarizer (polarized): polarizers can remove sun glare due to reflection and make it suitable for driving as well as other water sports such as fishing.

Mask sunglasses (wraparound): with special design, to prevent light from the frame edge, and for some people who frequently engaged in outdoor activities or sports, ray ban outlet, mask sunglasses can provide special protection. In addition, it also can prevent light from behind the reflection to the eye.

Metal eyeglasses (or reflective lenses): lens coated with thin layers of metal, you can reduce all the light entering the eye, but not completely filter UV.

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